Recommendations for digital collaboration

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How to: Digital collaboration?

  • Teams is UiB's preferred platform for digital collaboration. Both Teams and Zoom can be used for video meetings. The matrix gived recommendations for various uses:





How to: Online meetings

How to move from classroom to online teaching and learning?

UiB has recently introduced two new services for remote learning:

  • Kaltura: Used for recording lectures. Lecturers are encouraged to use recordings rather than live teaching sessions. Recordings may be done at your own convenience, have less risk of errors, and the students may peruse the recording several times.
  • Zoom: is used were Kaltura is not suitable, e.g. live seminars with need for interaction between lecturer and students and group discussions or work. Zoom has functions for breakout-rooms, where students may be divided into groups.

How to perform digital PhD examinations?

Please read these recommendations for digital PhD examinations.