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Windows 7 End-of-life

14.1.2020 - Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7. UiB-computers with Windows 7 needs to be offline or upgraded to Windows 10 before this date. More info: . Contact the IT-department for help/questions.


Windows 7 was released by Microsoft the fall of 2009. The IT-department worked over a longer period of time to develop a client machine setup for Windows 7. This was first tested by the IT-department, and later in the fall of 2010 in some pilot user environments. In December 2010 the client was declared as ready to implement in all the user environments.

Here you can find a page with some tips and tools for users of Windows 7 at UiB

Which computer can be installed with Windows 7?

Computers that are bought through the IT-departments in 2008 or later, will usually be able to run Windows 7.

There are some software that isn't compatible with Windows 7. We have made a list with an overview of the software. If you need Windows 7 incompatible software, please contact us so that we can find a solution together.

Windows 7 will only be installed with the 64-bits version at UiB. Computers that are to be installed with Windows 7 must have a 64-bits architecture and sufficient computer resources (such as minimum a 60GB harddrive).


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Here you may find more information on Windows 7 from Microsoft (in norwegian):