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'Wikihost' is a MediaWiki service the IT department provides to the faculties, institutes, departments and research groups at UIB, and other institutions at the UHR sector.

What is Wiki?

Wiki is a publishing tool where many can participate and contribute with their knowledge and experiences.
  • With the Wiki you can produce text information with other people in a simple manner.

Wikepedia is a good example, and Wikihost-service uses the same technology: 'Mediawiki'

  • You decide whether the information should be available to all the world or only for your own ‘wiki’ group.
  • All changes will be preserved in revisions

that means you get a history of the changes, and you see the content of the wiki-article at any certain time in it's history of changes.

  • No information is lost, every change is preserved.
  • You can register a “watch” on the wiki-document and you will receive an email each time someone makes a change to the wiki page.
  • You can "protect" pages so that only administrators and bureacrats can change the information

Test a wiki now?

There is a test wiki that everyone can log in and test.

Go to:, log in, and start editing.

You can't do anything wrong, so please feel free to test.

Do you want a MediaWiki instance for your faculty, institutes, department or research group?

You will get:

  • Your own MediaWiki installation, installed by us, also called a wiki instance
  • Manage access control to other users (if necessary, normally we will provide this)

it is also possible to create accounts for people from other institutions that need to have access

  • The IT department will provide a backup of the data in the database
  • The IT department will make sure to upgrade when it’s time for new versions

The wiki will be available at:

Where XXXwiki is the name of the wiki.

Order a wiki

Please use the following ordering form:

Available extensions



We’re unable to provide support in how to make wiki-pages and how to work in the wiki.

It is recommended that one read through the documentation:

Read more about Mediawiki here:

Some of our MediaWiki instances