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Sigmaplot at UoB

UoB only offers SigmaPlot for Windows PC that is set up by the IT department. We only offer SigmaPlot to the staff at the UoB and only for UoB related work.


UoB currently controls 12 network licenses. If you have a Windows PC set up by the IT department you can get this installed. To use this type of license the computer must be attached UoB network. Notebooks must be connected to UoB network using a VPN connection when the computer is not directly connected to the UoB network via network cable.

Stand alone License

The IT department also has 10 standalone licenses for SigmaPlot. Because of the limited number we only offer loans of license for up to a month at a time (maximum twice a year). Typical cases are portable computers used in areas where there is no internet connection or for other reasons can not access the UoB network.

Machines that are not set up by the IT department

We do not offer the license for machines that are not set up by the IT department. In all these cases, the department purchase separate license for the program. This also applies to UoB portable Windows PCs that need standalone license for periods longer than one month. To order a license contact Imento (see

How to get SigmaPlot on a UoB PC

If you need SigmaPlot to your UoB PC, open an issue via UiBhjelp. Please include the type of license (timeperiod for stand alone license) and name of the machine (eg IT123456). We can then install the software to your computer as long as it is connected to the UoB network using a network cable.

The summer 2014 the IT department stopped billing the departments using SigmaPlot. (UoB is now paying this bill). For practical reasons, we no longer offer SigmaPlot on machines that are not set up by the IT department.