SSH Secure Shell

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Students and staff kan use SSH to connect to for remote accesses to their home-directory. In addition, SSH can be used to access electronic resources at the University of Bergen.

SSH or Secure Shell is a network protocol for secure transfer of data between server and client.

SSH-software at UiB

All students and staff can freely use (none comercial use) SSH-programvaren from in the version or SSHs side for "non-commercial use" (versjon 3.2.9).

The package contains:

  • SSH Secure Shell Client (telnet-like-program)
  • SSH Secure File Transfer Client (ftp-program).

The software can be downloaded from:

SSH follows Linux distributions, and it is not necessary with any installation.

Access to articles

Use SSH to download articles through UiB:

    ssh "username" @ wget "link to the article"
    scp "username" @ ~/"name file" "name of file/filename you want to have"

"File Name" is usually the part after the last "/" in the link to the article. The character '"' should of course not be included.

Very often such records directly links to the file you want, but redirect you if you try to download from an none-authorized IP address.