OpenVPN connection Windows

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OpenVPN is a backup solution see VPN for more information.

Setup of on Windows

'Do you want a detailed instruction manual, [click her].' ' The operating instructions deal with Windows 7, but the process is identical to Windows 10.

Configuration and certificates To use OpenVPN you need certificates. You can download it from

  • Sign in with UiB username and password
  • Click "Create Certificate".
  • You can upload the certificate (configuration file) via the link on the page. Certificate will be emailed as attachment (uib.ovpn)

= = Installation Last downloaded client from Install "Install (64-bit), Windows Vista, and later"

  • When the installation is complete, uib.ovpn file is copied to
    C: \ Program Files \ OpenVPN \ config
  • Restart PC

Use = =

  • Launch OpenVPN GUI
  • Right-click on the Icon in System Attempt and select Connect