Java security

From IThelp

There are recurring security problems with Java. It will thus be best to avoid using Java as much as possible.

The IT department recommends:

  1. DISABLE JAVA in the web browser you are using on a regular basis! (Instructions on how to do this can be found for example here.)
  2. If you must use a page/service that requires Java, open it in another web browser where you have not disabled Java. Do not use this browser for other pages or services!
  3. Do not download, install or accept upgrades to Java on your UiB managed PC! Many upgrades offered on the Internet are hoaxes. The IT department will ensure that the best available Java version is installed.

All UiB PCs have two web browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox. You may choose in which of these you will disable Java, and which browser you will use with pages/services requiring Java.

Java's own version check verifies if the most recent version is installed, but the check does not verify whether it is free from security problems.