File exchange services

From IThelp

Several services may be useful for exchanging files with other users, depending on the specific need:

If you need to access the files from various computers, you should store them as you normally do, on your home directory on UiB's servers. This may also be accessed from computers outside of UiB (see [[1]] - only in Norwegian.)

IF you need to share your files with other users, the following services may be useful:

  • and UNINETT FileSender: Services for sending (large) files to (many) recipients inside or outside of UiB. A better alternative to (huge) mail attachments.
  • Shared directories may be created ad hoc on your request by the IT Department. Access to such directories may be granted to a specific group of internal users (employees and/or students).
  • Files may be placed on an FTP server at UiB to be downloaded by internal or external users using FTP client software.

If several users are contributing to common files (eg, editing the same document), this may be done on a UiB shared directory if all implied users have got a UiB user account.

If users without a UiB user account are involved, no UiB services are suitable, except ordinary e-mail with attachments. There are external services serving such functions (eg, Dropbox (not installable on UiB computers, but may be used with web interface), Google Docs, Windows Live Skydrive). UiB does not recommend or prefer any specific such service.

If the material stored or produced using external services has to do with UiB activities, please remember to keep an updated copy stored on UiB's storage services (home directory or shared directory)!