Computer name

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Computer name is the name of a managed computer. The computer name has the format dept123123, where the first part is usually an abbreviation for the department owning the computer or the location of the computer. The numbers are correspondingly the two last parts of the IP-address.

A unique, decisive name

The computer name must be unique at UiB. When a Computer is replaced, the computer name is normally passed on to the new computer. This is because the computer name and/or IP address decides which software is installed, and which systems are accessible from the computer. If two computers have the same computer name, several problems may occur.

How to find the computer name

To find the computer name of a UiB computer you may do the following (for Windows):

  • Select Support on the Start menu (in Windows 7, you must first select All programs)
  • Select Show Computer Info
  • Select OK or pressEnter

The computer name will now be visible at the top of the list.

Most UiB computers also have a label (often yellow or white) with the computer name.