Changing passwords on portable UiB computer

From IThelp

Here are some points concerning the changing of passwords from UiB computers:

  • If the computer is connected via networkcabel (or via docking station ) to the UiB network, it doesn't matter if the computer is portable. You have to log out of the computer after you have changed your password via and then log in again with your new password.
  • If you have a private PC it does not matter that your PC is portable. You can change your password via without needing to log off and on again.
  • Problems can arise if one changes the password on a portable UiB PC that is not connected to the UiB network using a network cable . This PC will not be updated with the new password before it starts up with network cable connected to the UiB network. The following describes a method for how to update the password on a portable computer that is not connected to the UiB network via network cable (require VPN or UiB eduroam connection).


Updating passwords on a laptop that is not connected UiB network with network cable Changers

The first step is to connect your computer to the UiB network via UiB-vpn or UiB's eduroam. The computer will then get an ip address from UiB network. To check if the computer is connected to UiB network you can go to and check that you get an IP address starting with 129.177 .....


After you have changed your password via you have to lock your computer (Windows Key + L). Then unlock your computer with the new password. After this, the windows laptop computer is updated with the new password.