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What is Teams?

The IT department is working on a project to implement Teams for all employees and students.

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365. Wathch this interactive demonstration to better understand what Teams is and learn how the different tools work. We would recommend you to have a look at the frequently asked questions.

Join our public team Microsoft Teams på UiB using the code o3a4w6u to share your experiences or ask any question you may have.

Install the Teams program

You will find Teams in the list of available software in Software Center on your Windows PC. You may also download and install the app on your private PC, tablet or mobile phone (Android, iOS and Windows Phone). You may also use Teams in a web browser on This will give you the same functionality as the installed program.

How can I create a new team?

Create a new team by filling out this form.

  • The person submitting the form will be the owner of the team and can add new members/owners.
  • If you have created a new team using the form, please let us know if you want to delete it.
  • Teams that have not been used the last 12 months will be deleted automatically by the IT division. The owner of the team will be notified one month in advance.

How do I add members?

The owners of the team can easily add new members. Click the three dots and choose 'Add Members'. Internal users are the easiest; Search for them by name or type their e-mail address. External users (those who don't have an account at UiB) can also be added, but make sure to add the right address. Some use, while others use their e-mail address.

If someone outside UiB want to add you to their team as a guest, please ask them to invite you using your e-mail address.

Training videos and other information