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How can I contribute?

If you wish to contribute to making this a more useful website, you can log in and update web pages and create new pages containing information about IT for UiB users. If you are unsure about what should be changed or how, you can also submit a comment on the relevant page's discussion page via the link at the top of the web page in question. Someone with the wanted knowledge can then address your comment.

Do not be afraid to edit web pages - everyone at UiB can edit, and we encourage everyone to contribute with information that can be useful to others. Find something that can be improved, whether it be content, grammar or formatting, and fix it.

Translations from Norwegian to English (or occasionally the other way) will also be appreciated.

You cannot do any permanent damage to ithelp.uib.no. Everything can be fixed or improved later. So go ahead, edit a web page and help make this a good source of information about services from the IT department and other ICT at UiB.

Tip for editing:
Extra functions are available in some browsers via an optional wikEd wiki page editor.
Tip for easier table editing:
Large tables and more advanced table features may be troublesome to edit. This may be easier with the Simile wiki table editor.

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